Hello fellow travelers.

To be successful in utilizing the law of attraction you have to master your thought process. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and positive outcomes. In our society it can sometimes be difficult to maintain positive thoughts and feelings. Whether it’s the morning news show your favorite song or video game. We seem to be constantly inundated with negative imagery, which if your not careful will influence your thought process for the worse.

The key to maintaining that positive thought process starts with making the conscious decision to avoid this negative imagery. I know that’s not what most of you want to hear. But as travelers on this journey to becoming our greatest versions you have to be willing to retrain yourself, and that takes sacrifice.

So instead of listening to that violent rap song, that sad breakup song, or even that new deathmetal band, try reaching for something more calming. Something that will help ease your mind and think more clearly. Instead of watching that new horror flick, try watching a comedy. These steps may seem difficult initially, but they are steps that will eventually lead you to where you want to be.

-D. Manuel

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